An early illustration of President George Washington.

With Presidents Day upon us, how well do you know your American presidents?

Of the 46 U.S. presidents thus far, 31 performed some form of military service, from militias to decorated career. Of those 31, one was born in California. Three served during the Revolutionary War, four in the War of 1812, six in the Civil War, and seven saw action during World War II.

Test your knowledge of the who-did-what before heading to the White House. Let’s start with a California-centric one.

  1. Who was the only president born in the Golden State?
  2. Which president was the only one ever to receive the Medal of Honor?
  3. Which president was the only one ever to receive a Purple Heart?
  4. Which two presidents held supreme Army commands before reaching the White House?
  5. Which two presidents served stateside during wartime while in the military?
  6. Which president served in the military but not during wartime?
  7. Which president served in the Army but never achieved a rank higher than private?
  8. Which five consecutive presidents had served as officers in the U.S. Navy or Naval Reserve?
  9. Which two presidents served during World War I?
  10. Which three presidents attended military academies?

Want to share your president trivia astuteness? You can answer in the comments section below and we will post our answers the evening of February 21, 2022.

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