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Those who wish to contribute comments are advised that their comments are subject to the following:

All comments are reviewed by a moderator prior to posting, but are not edited. Review of the comments includes filtering those containing obscenity, profanity, hate speech (including, but not limited to, disparaging language based on race, color, national origin, gender, religion, and age), fighting words, ad hominem attacks, defamatory language, the advocacy of illegality, For Official Use Only (FOUO) information (classified, pre-decisional, proprietary, or business-sensitive content), and advertisements and solicitations (including, but not limited to, spam and promotions or endorsements of commercial or nonprofit entities). Comments posted must also demonstrate relevancy to the posted topic and civility. Determinations to exclude comments based on the foregoing criteria shall be final.

Contributors of comments are advised that they remain solely responsible for the content they post, and should therefore exercise caution before submitting personal information.


Anyone with relevant information to share that conforms to CalVet Content and Comment Policy is welcome to submit posts to for review and posting. CalVet Communications Division reserves the right to determine which posts are published. Only posts that are relevant, non-promotional and offer value to our audience will be considered for publication. Authors must be willing to be identified and provide a photo and brief bio. All posts, except re-posted articles from trusted partners, are subject to editing by CalVet Communications Division staff.

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