Handmade Valentine's Day Card showing hummingbird, the sun, a flower, and hearts.
One of 15 cards Marine veteran Richard painted for the Cupid Crew.

A card. A message. A gift of friendship. It doesn’t matter that it will go to a total stranger.

To the members of the Cupid Crew at the Veterans Home of California-Redding, giving bits of their time and selves to someone who might have no one is satisfying, even if they never get to know the person on the receiving end.

Sweet Valentine's Day Card with message and photo of one of the Cupid Crew.
One of the cards with message from a Cupid Crew member.

That is why a group of residents – some veterans, some spouses – joined together to write their stories and add other kind words on the 15 cards beautifully hand painted by Richard, a Marine veteran resident at the Home. His handiwork and their comments went to seniors chosen randomly by an organization called LifeLoop, a software company that connects seniors with family and friends, including some friends they’ve never met.

“We’re looking to give back to the community,” said Joan, the wife of an Air Force veteran. They’ve lived at the home for five years. “I was picturing myself as being in the situation of someone in the community or in a home who maybe didn’t have anyone.”

It’s become even more important when they take the COVID-19 pandemic into consideration – the isolation it has imposed upon many and, particularly, other seniors.

Valentine's Day Card wishing joy to the recipient.
Cupid Crew member Linda sends Joy in a Valentine’s Day card.

“I wasn’t quite clear on how to make an emotional connection with someone I hadn’t met,” said Vietnam-era Navy veteran Linda. “Then I thought of the first lockdown in March (2020). I couldn’t imagine there wouldn’t be people in a similar situation, so I decided to speak to that.”

The cards, Joan said, are special because the recipients can hold them, unlike an email.

“They can take them to bed and read what was written,” she said.

Writing on the card, may your day begin with a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and joy in your soul.
Sending joy to a stranger on Valentine’s Day.

In effect, the Cupid Crew is telling the recipients that they are not alone, even when they might be quarantined in their rooms due to surges in the pandemic. There are people who care.

They joined the LifeLoop effort at the suggestion of Mari Fukushima, a rehabilitation specialist at the Home who thought it would be a great idea. She worked with Administrative Assistant Rebecca Alexander to make it happen.

“They really expressed themselves and sent out all these beautiful messages,” Fukushima said.

Some samples of what they offered:

Sweet Happy Valentine's Day Card being held up for viewing by Home resident and veteran Dottie.
World War II veteran, Dottie, letting another senior know they are not alone.

Dottie, a World War II veteran, told of how she enlisted alongside her mother in the Army Air Corps and worked in transportation. She wrote, “Hope you have found ways to keep your spirits up. We have a great activities and nursing staff who keep us mentally and physically active.” She also tried to engage the recipient in perhaps a future chat. “It would be great to know how other seniors are doing and what the different homes plan. I wish you well.”

On another card, Joan wrote about life in the Redding Home, including the quality of care and activities for the residents. She added a personal touch, along with a bit of encouragement as well. “My husband was in the Air Force when we met 68 years ago,” she wrote. “I was employed in the base exchange. COVID-19 is a very difficult time for everyone involved, but hopefully together we will all come through. Have a wonderful day!”

Indeed, a hand-made card, a message, a gift of friendship. It doesn’t matter that it will go to a total stranger who might just become a new friend.

Because of the efforts of these women and resident artist Richard, the Redding Home’s Cupid Crew will remind 15 seniors they’ve never met that they are loved this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Michael Van Cleemput · · Reply

    Each recipient of these cards has received an immaculately created artwork…entirely by hand: each recipient has received a caring thought of love: these Cupid Crew gifts are worth framing because of the timeless message of the heart. Just being a fellow resident of the VHC-Redding, I am totally proud of what the Cupid Crew has done. Thanks. Michael


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