The logo of the Marine Corps Reserve.

The United States Marine Corps Reserve turns 104 today, and remains as important as ever as defenders of the nation.

Congress passed the Naval Appropriations Act on August 29, 1916, which created the Reserve. The Reserve trains and prepares its force to mobilize for active duty in wartime, national emergencies, and other operations. They provide the total array of operations, from being a lethal combat force to providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

With 100,000 Reserves and 160 Reserve Training Center across the country and in Puerto Rico, it is the largest command within the Marine Corps.

Reserve Marines have fought alongside active duty Marines in every war since World War I.

With their motto of “Augment, Reinforce, Support,” they stay battle ready through regular training exercises at home, as well as in training overseas in countries such as Norway, South Korea, in the Balkans, Central America, Thailand, and Africa.

They also perform community service duties through programs such as “Toys for Tots,” which has delivered more than 584 million toys to children since it began in 1947.

So, happy 104th birthday to the members of the Marine Reserve!

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