CalVet celebrates Women’s Military History Week

This week, March 18 – 24, CalVet recognizes and celebrates women veterans and their contributions to our country as part of our state’s Women’s Military History Week.

women's-military-history-week-01Each year, the third week of March is highlighted as a time to recognize the important accomplishments of women who have served in the armed forces of the United States, as well as celebrate the many milestones achieved by women who are currently serving.

“Women have been an important part of military service since the Revolutionary War and it’s important we honor their sacrifices, their many contributions, and their ongoing commitment to our great country,” said Lindsey Sin, Deputy Secretary of Women Veterans Affairs at CalVet.

During this week and throughout the entire month of March, many events are taking place all over California to recognize and honor our women veterans and women servicemembers. Read Governor Newsom’s commemorative message in recognition of Women’s Military History Week here.

All week, CalVet will be honoring women warriors and sharing their stories on social media.

Find more information about CalVet and the Women Veterans Division here.

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