Julian Bond watches the video presentation created by CalPers.
Julian Bond watches the video presentation created for him by CalPers.

Julian Bond, administrator of CalVet’s Veterans Homes of California-Ventura, received the 2022 Spotlight on Excellence Award by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

The annual award emphasizes the importance of public sector work. It is peer nominated, giving employees of CalPERS contracting agencies the chance to highlight those in their own agencies who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide exemplary service for their communities.

Each year’s recipient is selected from among the 1.5 million CalPERs members in the state. Bond accepted the honor during CalPERS’ Educational Forum last week in Anaheim.

The agency recognized Bond for his dedication to “ensuring that residents of the CalVet home lead active and fulfilling lives and for inspiring his colleagues,” according to CalPERS. “Bond’s peers commended him for his dedication to the veteran community, passion for serving without fail, and decades of service as a decorated U.S. Army soldier.”

Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Bond administrator of the Ventura Home in June 2019, a year after he retired as a colonel completing a 29-year career in the Army. Bond brought a tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the Home, immediately connecting with its veteran residents and staff alike. He continues to impress and to do everything within his power to make the veterans, their spouses, and staff feel like family.

“Heroes live here, and super-heroes work and serve here,” Bond told CalVet Connect this week. “I served 29 years with brave service members who were truly heroes, but it takes superheroes to serve without fail 24 hours, 7 days a week.”

Bond address the audience at the awards banquet.
Bond address the audience at the awards banquet.

He brought to Ventura a motto of “where energy flows, attention goes.” That became evident in October 2020, when Ventura resident Lee Mills received a copy of Admiral William McRaven’s book “Make Your Bed.” It had a profound effect on Mills and other veterans at the Home. Bond emailed McRaven to tell him about the energy his book created, telling McRaven that a word from him would work wonders for the veterans at the Home.

“It would mean so much to our residents for you to acknowledge our Ventura veterans, (with) a card, email or message – you have provided a second wind to the veterans within my charge,” Bond wrote on September 9. “Sir, you have inspired a population to live life to the fullest from age 1 to 99 (we actually have a 99-year-old WW2 veteran that walks one to two miles daily).”

McRaven responded a day later, saying he would certainly send along thanks to the Ventura veterans for their service. A couple of weeks later, they received a package containing a letter of thanks, a photo of the Admiral, and a copy of his book.

The award, Bond said, reflects the state’s commitment to veterans and their care. “It was an honor to represent the Ventura Veterans Home, CalVet, State of California most importantly the over 1.5 million fellow public servants in the state of California,” Bond said. “Here at CalVet, we make sure that every day is just another chapter in their life. It’s truly where I, as a brother in arms, can serve my brothers and sisters who have served our nation.”

To view the video about Julian Bond that was shown during the award ceremony visit and to hear his acceptance speech visit

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  1. Michael Van Cleemput · · Reply

    Thank You for your service. It is easy to see that the veteran-residents are definitely at home in Ventura. Thank you for that…. From Michael, veteran-resident at the Veterans Home of California-Redding.


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