CalVet unveils Master Plan for future of Veterans Homes of California

The California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) has completed its Master Plan for the operations of its eight Veterans Homes of California.

Cover of CalVet's Master Plan for its Veterans Homes of California.
Cover of CalVet’s Master Plan for its Veterans Homes of California.

The 300-page document encompasses years of research, analysis, outreach, and reassessment, along with interviews with Homes residents, employees, community residents, agencies, and other stakeholders. It identifies the future needs of a changing veteran population. In addition, it offers recommendations and implementation options for meeting those future needs.

The result is a game plan designed to ensure that the state makes the best uses of its resources and property to serve California’s veterans.

“The Master Plan presents an opportunity to reevaluate the Veterans Homes and take meaningful steps toward the future,” said Vito Imbasciani MD, CalVet’s Secretary. “By following the enclosed recommendations, CalVet will be best prepared to honor and serve California’s veterans for generations to come.”

The 135-year-old Veterans Home system includes facilities in Yountville, Redding, Fresno, Ventura, West Los Angeles, Lancaster, Barstow, and Chula Vista. They range in size from 900 beds in Yountville to 60-bed facilities in Lancaster and Ventura. The Homes provide domiciliary (residential), skilled nursing, and long-term care services for 2,500 veterans and their spouses throughout the state.

Since Imbasciani became CalVet’s Secretary in September 2015, the quality of care at the Homes has risen dramatically. The skilled nursing facilities at Barstow, Yountville, Fresno and Redding are five-star rated while Chula Vista merits four stars. All eight of the Homes passed their annual state and federal inspections with flying colors.

While the California State Legislature directed the Master Plan and included specific requirements to be addressed, CalVet went beyond the basics. The Master Plan includes 27 recommendations that cover the levels of care, expanding mental health services, maximizing property use, addressing geographic locations, and maintaining California’s commitment to the historic but infrastructure-challenged Yountville Home, which opened in 1884.

“The Master Plan represents a great team effort here at CalVet,” said Coby Petersen, CalVet’s deputy secretary of veterans homes. “It will benefit our veterans for decades to come.”

To view a PDF of the plan visit:

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