Check out this year’s Native American Day commemorative pins

This year, on September 28, as Sacramento celebrates Native American Day, CalVet will distribute commemorative pins memorializing the service of exemplary Native American veterans.


Led by the work of our Minority Veteran Affairs Division, CalVet designed these pins as a show of gratitude for all Native American veterans that call California home.

The pin represents key aspects from Native American culture and honors a veteran’s service and sacrifice to our state and nation.

The most prominent symbol on the pin is the grizzly bear paw print, a symbol of strength and unyielding resistance. The bear embodies the powerful surge of courage that every warrior taps into during a time of need.

The bear paw almost touches a single star, the North Star, the center of the cosmos and a symbol of bravery.

California’s giant sequoia grows prominently within the sacred circle representing the elder spirit of a veteran, gathering strength from a supportive community.

The giant sequoia is deep-rooted in Earth mother, representing the progress CalVet has made since its inception in 1946. We work to honor and serve veterans and their families by connecting them with the benefits and support they have earned, by virtue of having worn the nation’s uniform.

Each native symbol rests on the medicine wheel, four sacred colors of healing, embodying the transition from warrior to veteran.

Lastly, the field of blue wrapped around the embossed lettering represents the confidence, wisdom, and peace veterans have found in life after conflict.


Last year, CalVet Undersecretary Russell Atterberry handed out challenge coins to veterans during the ceremony.

The new pin, which was designed by CalVet Art Director Thomas Moralez, will be handed out to veterans on the lawn in front of the Capitol building during the afternoon celebration next Friday.

Click here for more updates regarding Native American Day in Sacramento.


  1. vimbasciani · · Reply

    Sweet! The coin is beautiful and ditto the story

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  2. Calvin Frye · · Reply

    Is it possible to order a pin for a Marine friend that I served with that has Native American heritage?


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