CalVet Leadership Summit focuses on improving collaboration, service to veterans

When it comes to serving veterans in a state as large and diverse as California, collaboration is essential.

Improving collaboration is just one of the goals of CalVet’s Leadership Summit. This year, more than 150 people from private and public organizations came together to discuss best practices for serving  veterans and to share some of the challenges they are facing in communities throughout the state.

Here’s a brief recap of our Third Annual CalVet Leadership Summit, held May 29-31.



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  1. Hugh Schurtz · · Reply

    If you want to help our Veterans, especially our Disabled Veterans support the Caregivers that care for them in the battlefield of recovery or in that last battlefield so they aren’t alone, abused and forgotten.
    Those that assist their Veteran Parent, care for them 24/7, attend to every need, and work with Medical Professionals to improve their lives will face scrutiny from every sleaze Judge and hired thief (I mean Retired Judge Mediator) that will ask why the State verses an audited Veteran Family Caregiver wasn’t the Conservator of the Veteran so the Judge could get a kickback from a Private Firm that would charge the Veteran 200,000.00 per year until they became homeless so the Judges can buy a larger Rolls Royce. The VA needs to defend every Caregiver against litigation after the Veteran dies. Insist any action be brought to the VA first (as is in our VA Caregiver Agreement requires, yet that the State of California refuses to adhere to), and then a Federal Court if the abuser wants to continue being abusive. (It’s always the abusive person that litigates) The US Military, VA and any person that supports Veterans should support Caretakers and stop abusive lawsuits against them.


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