Memorial Day events & a message from CalVet’s Secretary

On Monday, we honor the memory of all the men women who died in service to our nation. Watch this video message from CalVet Secretary Dr. Vito Imbasciani.

Memorial Day Events

Californians will have many opportunities to pay their respects at events held throughout the state.

From the 129th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the Los Angeles National Cemetery to the Reading of the Names in Sacramento on May 27, you can find many more events on our CalVet calendar.

Memorial Day had its beginnings just after the Civil War to help heal the wounds of war. Americans in all parts of the country began decorating the graves of the dead. As a small step toward reuniting a divided nation, people chose to honor all the dead – Union and Confederate soldiers alike. After the First World War, this observance was expanded to honor all Americans who fought and died in any of our nation’s wars.


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