CalVet Home Loans are good for veterans and the economy

When it comes to veterans benefits, it’s hard to beat our CalVet home loans. Our competitive-interest-rate loans, with little or no down payment, put the dream of home ownership within reach for many veterans who would not qualify for a loan anywhere else.

What’s more, the program has not spent a single tax dollar in its 95-year history.

Watch this video to learn how CalVet uses general obligation bonds to support home loans and why this approach is good for veterans, their families, and California.





  1. Phil Young · · Reply

    Many vets, me included, have a hard time reading the small gray print on your website. I would suggest that you increase the font size and also the color of the type to black. Also, I could not see where you told vets in your CalVet loan program where they can apply for a CV Loan.


    Phil Young,
    USAF Vietnam War Veteran


    1. Hi Phil, Here is the link to our Home Loans program


    2. We will work on the size and color of our text.


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