CalVet Secretary Issues Statement on Yountville Veterans Home Shooting

March 9, 2018 — 9:00 p.m.

Sacramento – We are devastated by today’s tragedy at our Home in Yountville. Our hearts are heavy for the entire Yountville Veterans Home community and the families and friends who are grieving for those who died.

Nothing matters more than caring for our veterans and employees during this difficult time.

We appreciate the tremendous law enforcement response today and unfailing support of this community.

Vito Imbasciani MD



  1. Rosa Martinez · · Reply

    It’s pleasure to be serving and taking care of our Veterans.


  2. Donna Steiner · · Reply

    My prayers and love go out to all victims, veterans (which I Love and appreciate), employees, family. My heart aches for you all. May you all be strengthen by God and know that the world cares.


  3. Bennett Walsh · · Reply

    Vito, sending thoughts and prayers from the soldiers home in Holyoke , ma.
    Sincerely , Bennett walsh


  4. LtCol R Claxton · · Reply

    I was recently at Yountville for purposes of understanding the population and area since DGMC case managers refer patients to this facility. I also knew one of the victims. I was concerned for the lack of security on the campus and within the facility itself. I don’t want to get into specifics, but think that this type of shooting can happen at any VA center and the VA needs to be more secure in allowing access. Perhaps a review of security measures is necessary?


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