Women Veterans: Get the Benefits and Career Assistance You Deserve

Women comprise approximately 10 percent of all American veterans and about 15 percent of all active duty military, but their transition to the civilian workforce can be challenging at times.

That’s why CalVet will host a series of workshops over the next four months as we help local veterans ease that transition and gain real-life skills to achieve employment.

Beginning April 4, at Kings County Library, women veterans will have the chance to meet prospective employers, brush up their interview skills, discover employment resources and learn about various benefits that may be available to them due to their service.

“I want women veterans who attend to obtain employment resources, build job search and interview skills, career connections, and gain a renewed sense of confidence in their professional lives.” – Lindsey Sin, CalVet Deputy Secretary for Women Veterans

See below for information regarding each workshop and how to register.

Women Vets_APR4-SM.jpg


Please join us from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Kings County Library (401 N. Douty Street in Hanford) for a day of employment resources and talks by CalVet Deputy Secretary Lindsey Sin and Air Force veteran and award-winning author Graciela Tiscareño-Sato.

  • Learn what a personal brand means through examples of great personal branding.
  • Draw upon your military experiences to create a compelling branding statement.
  • Identify the most important target audience(s) you need to motivate.
  • Learn must-know marketing principles to position yourself as the “must-have” candidate in your job search, college/grad school application, or promotion push.
  • Understand what not to say to a potential employer, admissions counselor, etc.
  • Practice introducing yourself in an authentic, memorable way to showcase your accomplishments without arrogance.
  • Learn valuable communication skills to apply throughout your professional life.

This free event includes an employment panel, presentations, hands-on training, and development. Lunch is included.

To register for the event on April 4, please click here. 


Please join us from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Pleasanton Public Library (400 Old Bernal Ave. in Pleasanton) for a day of employment resources, presentations, resources and more. Lunch will be included.

To register for the event on April 25, please click here.

More workshop locations will be announced for June, July and August. This series would not have been possible without the support from the Veterans Connect at the Libraries program and participating library locations.

These workshops are open to women who are serving in the armed forces or who have served.

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  1. Ellie Davis · · Reply

    Thank you for pointing out that woman make up about 10% of our veterans. I love that there are programs for veterans to get assistance. Hopefully, they are researching and finding a program that works for them. https://loraincountyveterans.com/services/va-claims-assistance/


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