Elizabeth Perez Named CalVet Deputy Secretary for Minority Veterans

Perez_500x625Elizabeth Perez of Vista, Calif. joins CalVet as deputy secretary of minority veterans. Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced the appointment Jan. 8.

She will lead CalVet’s Minority and Underrepresented Veterans Division, which advocates on behalf of minority and LGBT veteran communities, seeks to identify and address gaps in service, and supports activities that address the unique needs of these veterans.

“Liz brings a wealth of experience and a passion for serving veterans that will help to improve our outreach to minority and underrepresented veteran communities to ensure that every veteran receives the benefits they have earned,” said CalVet Secretary Vito Imbasciani MD. “We are proud to welcome her aboard.”

“As somebody who served in the military from an underrepresented community and coming from generations of family who served in uniform from an underrepresented community, it is an absolute honor to be able to represent this population of veterans,” said Perez. “My commitment is to ensure that underrepresented veterans receive the benefits that they have earned and that the needs of this community are heard and addressed.”

A Navy veteran, Perez, 39, served as an aviation logistics specialist from 1997 to 2005. Since 2010, she has been president and founder at GC Green Inc. She was a director in business development at Xnergy from 2007 to 2011 and a branch manager at Ferguson Contractors from 2005 to 2007. She was a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Delegation in Israel in 2016 and a 2013 White House Veteran Champion of Change.

Perez is a Truman National Security Project fellow and a member of the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Initiative Board, Disabled Veterans Business Alliance of California San Diego Chapter Board, American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California San Diego Chapter, American Legion Post 365 and the California Nations Indian Gaming Association.


The swearing in ceremony for Elizabeth Perez included a Native American blessing to honor her Mono heritage. Pete Molina performed the blessing.


Deputy Secretary for Minority Veterans Elizabeth Perez is sworn in by CalVet Secretary Vito Imbasciani MD.

One comment

  1. John Schembari · · Reply

    as a Vietnam veteran I don’t understand why we need to categorize veterans in groups?
    when I served we were all Green the color of our uniform I have protected my brothers and sisters in arms and did not in any way see race as an issue.
    I do have issues with PTSD and been having trouble with navigating the VA system like many before me I get no special attention because I’m classified as Caucasian!


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