Tap into Veterans Benefits and Services: You’ve Earned It!

If you have questions about which veterans benefits are available to you, we have answers.Veterans Resource Book

Whether you’re looking for healthcare benefits, a CalVet home loan or assistance finding employment, our comprehensive guide removes the guesswork, making it easy for you to access the benefits and services you have earned.

CalVet’s Veterans Resource Book outlines all of the state and federal benefits and other incentives available to California veterans. Each listing provides an overview of the benefit, as well as information on who is eligible and how to apply. You’ll also find a directory of veteran service organizations and volunteer opportunities.

Here’s just a sampling of California state benefits. Eligibility criteria for each program varies. For example, some programs are available to all California veterans, while others are limited to disabled veterans, Medal of Honor recipients or former Prisoners of War.

  • Waiver of motor vehicle registration fees
  • Special license plates for California veterans: (Medal of Honor, Legion of Valor, Former Prisoners of War, Pearl Harbor Veterans, Purple Heart)
  • Reduced fees for fishing and hunting licenses
  • Property tax exemption
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program
  • College tuition fee waiver for veterans’ dependents

In addition to these state benefits, there are a variety of federal programs available. These include cemetery benefits, mental health services, housing and homeless programs, and hiring preferences for federal employment.

Order your Veterans Resource Book today! Send your name and mailing address to PAO@calvet.ca.gov and we’ll ship it to you at no cost. You may also order multiple copies for distribution to a service organization or other veterans group. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.



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