When times get tough, the tough get sewing.​ That certainly has happened all over the country, where people are making masks to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus COVID-19. And that is what’s happening at the Veterans Home of California-Lancaster, where one employee, along with another employee’s wife are among those making masks for […]

The Easter bunny arrived at the Veterans Home of California-Barstow last Sunday. So did the Easter bear. The Easter bear? Hey, tough times require a bit of innovation and some adjustment, right? Veteran and resident Michael Kennedy accomplished both when he brought more than 200 of these stuffed critters into the Home to lift the […]

“Mail call!” Two of the sweetest words any service member could ever hear. It meant hearing from a friend or family member, someone who was encouraging and could lift your spirits. It meant receiving a “care package” of items unavailable wherever you were, or your favorite home-baked cookies for which you savored for days and […]

Los Angeles Dodgers’ all-star third baseman Justin Turner made headlines last week when he suggested using a home-run derby to decide extra innings games. Turner hit a bigger home run, though, when he recorded a pep talk video to the residents and staff at the Veterans Home of California-Ventura. And he ask that it be […]

It’s time for all California veterans to be counted! This week (March 30-April 3) is U.S. Census Week. Participation is mandated by law for everyone living in the United States and its five territories. The federal Census Bureau and California All Census 2020 simply need you to answer a short survey, which you can do […]

With the fight to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in full force, veterans and their spouses living in the Veterans Home of California-Ventura (VHC-Ventura) can greatly reduce their risk of exposure, thanks to the Home’s participation in the TeleHealth Program. With the doctor live online in his or her office, and the resident […]

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) can look in its own storied history to find women who have made great contributions in the military, and to the agency itself. Retired Brigadier General Robin Umberg is one of them. She broke ground for other women in the […]

Kate O’Hare-Palmer planned to come to the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Sacramento on Sunday for what she and other Vietnam veterans has seen grow into an annual day of respect.  Instead, the former Army nurse, who chairs the Vietnam Veterans Association of America’s Women Veterans Committee, will stay home in Petaluma like other Californians […]

For a significant portion of her career in the U.S. Marine Corps, Jodie Grenier collected and used information about enemy threats in order to minimize the danger to her fellow troops in Iraq. That included knowing whether and where minefields and weapon systems existed. “My job, essentially, was to collect information to mitigate threats to […]

SEASIDE – Since the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery opened in 2016, only the columbaria for cremains has been available at the 79-acre property that once was part of the Fort Ord Army base. That will change in 2021, when Phase II is completed and in-ground burials can begin at the cemetery operated by the […]