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Let’s face it — fatherhood has its challenges. The days of less responsibility, leaving the house on a whim, staying out late with friends and co-workers without finding a sitter, cooking for just yourself (and significant other, if applicable), and other small freedoms you took for granted, are over for a while. But perhaps the […]


Appreciation comes in many forms: plaques, letters, gifts, or handshakes, to name a few. However, the military adheres to a different, but unofficial way of honoring their members with proof of affiliation: the challenge coin. Although there are many versions of the challenge coin’s history, the apparent truth is they are passed from a ranking […]

Coast Guard Reserve – Nearly Eight Decades of Supporting Domestic Emergencies and Foreign Operations

On Wednesday, February 19, the United States Coast Guard Reserve will celebrate 79 years of service, from deploying nationally for law enforcement, hurricanes, and oil spills, while internationally providing port security in the Middle East. Like active duty, reservists’ missions vary by season and location. Established by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Reserve Act of […]

Love – the lighter side of service, or how Cupid will find you no matter where you are

We love stories from our veterans. Most of these stories focus on military life – during peacetime or war. The best stories tug on our heartstrings, evoke strong emotions, and leave us wanting more. Deployments, temporary duty assignments, and training all provide opportunities for such stories, especially stories on “how I met your mother (or […]