Women Veterans Workshops focus on benefits, employment resources

California is home to nearly 150,000 women who served in our nation’s armed forces, and we want to make sure that they know about all of the benefits and services available to them.

CalVet has been hosting workshops throughout the state to provide valuable employment resources and benefits information.

U.S. Navy veteran Berenice Kaempfer said she attended a July 21 workshop in Mammoth Lakes “to find out what other job opportunities there might be for someone with my qualifications.”

“This seminar was extremely helpful,” she said. “I encourage all young women coming out of the service to pursue this kind of gathering.”

Watch the video:

Two upcoming workshops for women veterans are planned:

  • August 25 at the Fresno County Public Library; and
  • September 22  at the Monterey County Free Libraries/Marina Branch

For more information contact our Women Veterans Division at (916) 653-1402 or visit our website: www.calvet.ca.gov/womenvets.

Are you a woman who served?

Follow us at CalVet Women Veterans on Facebook.

You can also add your name to our Women Veterans Roster to join our mailing list and receive information about benefits, programs and resources throughout California.

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