Veterans Home residents offer thanks to emergency responders

The residents of our Redding Veterans Home made time this week to show their appreciation for all of the first responders working on the front lines of the Carr Fire, which has consumed more than 121,000 acres.

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“We are so thankful for the hard work and dedication of our first responders.  They have truly gone above and beyond for this community,” said Redding Home Administrator Tim Bouseman.

The nearly 150 residents at the Redding Home have been staying indoors to escape the poor air quality caused by the fire, but the home wasn’t immediately threatened by the fire.

You can view more photos on the Redding Home Facebook page.

CalVet has been closely monitoring the Carr Fire for potential impacts to the Redding Home and our Northern California Veterans Cemetery.

If you or a loved one has been affected by any of the ongoing California wildfires, you can find more information about services here.







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